You may need a building that's ready right now, with no construction time required. You may need a building in a place where building materials and skilled labor are scarce. You may need comfortable housing for workers in a remote or undeveloped location. You may need rapidly deployable shelter for disaster relief. You may need a movable clinic or classroom, an office, a showroom, a warehouse or simply a private residence that can be shipped, installed, and moved when necessary.

If you want a building and you don't want to worry about building one, the Wing House is what you need.

  • What is a Wing House?
  • How large is a Wing House?
  • What configurations are available?
  • How much does a Wing House cost?
  • How much does a POP UP unit cost?
  • How much does it cost to ship a Wing House?
  • Is the Wing House sturdy and safe?
  • Can units be joined together?

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